the Hypnotist Jonathan Chase shows you how to learn to hypnotise or hypnotize people at home easily.

What’s the Easiest way to learn how to hypnotise? By Osmosis, Watch then copy, it’s how you learned to walk and talk.

Hypnosis Installed Online Learning Experience Jonathan Chase ‘The Hypnotist’ get the ONLY Official copy from us and get your *BONUS offer.

Watch the trailer showing the cutting edge approach used to install everything you need to be a Hypnotist and all you have to do is watch!

Includes your Hypnotist Confidence session from “Britain’s Leading Hypnotist”. JonChase

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Impromptu Hypnosis Demystified Hypnosis Installed DVD with Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist

3 Disc DVD version with FREE worldwide shipping
£125 (approx USD$155 – NTSC/available) 

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