hypnosis can get you high says the hypnotist jonathan chaseHypnosis can get you high, it’s true!

You can experience the whole world through your imagination. In fact, all the logical factors in your brain (the ones that tell you what you can and can’t do) will disappear. This means that you will suddenly feel as though you are capable of whatever you wish.

There is a really popular hypnosis video on YouTube called Amazing Hypnosis Makes You High. I find this really interesting. Also when it comes to my auto self suggestion audio, the one that tends to be the most downloaded is the one that offers sensual experiences through tantra. I also get the most thankful private messages on this audio.

Yes, if you sit there in a dark room and watch a spiral spinning, you can achieve some effects. However, what happens is just that your visual cortex is playing tricks on your balance. But you won’t get high and you are not experiencing enhanced reality. Though more than likely you will start to feel sick.

It is unlikely that you will get high through watching YouTube. However, things are different with hypnosis. With a good hypnotist, you truly can get an experience similar to one that you would get through escapist substances. Plus, the whole process is actually therapeutic.

Unlike illegal drugs, hypnosis doesn’t just mask our issues. Instead it gets us to a real high, where outside of hypnosis, you can only get this kind of feeling through harmful substances. But imagining what you wish is legal and it is harmless. Also hypnosis is actually used for a reason. This makes it WAY better than normal escapism.

While some hypnotherapists may frown on the idea of hypnosis being used for enjoyment. They may point out that people could become addicted to the hypnotic experience. Yet, there is nothing wrong with people thinking and experiencing what they wish. But here is the bottom line. If I can hypnotize someone, I can also treat them therapeutically. I can get them to stop smoking through hypnosis, or lose weight. I could also easily guide this person to stop being addicted to hypnosis and their imagination.

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