There is no doubt that hypnosis is an art. Of course, if hypnosis were a science, I am sure it would be taught in universities and medical schools worldwide. If hypnosis were a science the research on the subject over the years would have brought about a definitive truth as to how or why it works. You would be able to walk on the stage, do a script and hypnotize a whole audience.

Stage hypnotists have the same dream that they can “bang them all under” and wake them up a few hours later. Then the hypnotist would tell everyone that they had just viewed a wonderful show.

However, hypnosis is an art. Like any art, the results depend on the skill of the artist. In this case, the artist manipulates the medium to create a result. However, in order to create great works with your brushstrokes, you need a natural aptitude.

But anyone can paint. Even chimpanzees have been known to hold a brush and splatter some oil or acrylics on a canvas. Man as well as animal can grasp the basics. But does something mean that you are doing it well? Of course not.

You could say that hypnosis is different. In this case, the medium you are manipulating has got its own mind. It can determine its own path.

A true master of an art would prepare, plan and get the basics in place. This allows the medium to flow. The true artist can then follow their own preparation and also follow the ebb and flow of the feedback from their imagination. They can respond to their emotions as they create.

If you put most great paintings under x-ray it shows several different versions and ideas applied towards the final completed painting. In cold science, you will never find that people have the flexibility to create on the fly.

Because hypnosis is an art, it requires a huge amount of flexibility and creativity at least in my opinion. If you are using a script written by someone you don’t know, then you will end up with just a scriptnotist, not a hypnotist.

As I like to say, you will never see a painting completed by paint by numbers in the Louvre.

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