I am a hypnotist who is naturally talented. I know this because I found that I was getting results from hypnosis much quicker than others would. In fact, I often saw people struggle who had considerably more knowledge than I did.

I don’t necessarily consider myself lucky. However, I do believe that I am gifted in that I can easily follow through with any moment. I can hypnotize people and establish a connection almost without trying.

My mentor who helped me learn hypnosis was miles ahead of me and that meant that I didn’t necessarily need loads of experience to do hypnosis well. Additionally, other people who helped me learn hypnosis shared their experiences with me. I either attended their lectures or watched their stage work.

I consider that I borrowed the confidence that I gained from their experiences. I used this level of confidence as if it were my own. However, it was their personal experience I gained from as opposed to learning from someone second hand.

I have found that when people seek to learn hypnosis, they often take other people’s experiences and methods as though they were their own. Imagine a seagull regurgitating his or her food to feed a smaller birth. That can easily be compared to what I am describing. If the food is regurgitated into the parent, and then one sibling and then the next, by the time it gets to the the final bird it has very little nutritional value at all.

Marketers often call this phenomenon borrowed expertise. This means that they are taking what someone else has crafted and then claim it as their own. Whereas, the original person earned that experience through their own real world experience. Often what happens is that people do not know if something is a good thing or not. However, they are teaching as though what they are teaching had been proven through their own time and experiences.

The sad fact is that in today’s world, often the marketer has significantly more power than the guru. Often you can’t even tell the two apart! So what is the solution to this conundrum?

One thing that you can do is look for people who can prove their experience. You can see a person’s past success beyond just what they claim online. For example, you can see newspaper quotes. If they have written a book look for actual book signings or publications that have legitimate ISBN numbers.

There is no doubt that experience is a great teacher. I only began teaching once I had 30 years of experience under my belt. Make sure that your teacher has a great deal of experience too. Otherwise, you will be like the little bird eating regurgitated content that has no nutrition. This is soft food theory that has no real value. You’d be better buying a book by the guy who taught the guy who taught the guy who taught them.

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