Been asked about how to research the Pain Relief niche in hypnotherapy, Here’s my reply.

Find out A: How many people locally are looking for what you offer. B: Who and what the competition is doing.

With pain When doing research the best places are actually local newspapers, avoid Wiki it’s not very accurate, especially regarding hypnosis. Your main competition is drugs so I would find out how many people get hooked on painkillers and then sell your ‘natural’ approach.

Personally though I would go for Phobias, there’s no real big budget established drugs or medical competition there, or Tourette’s syndrome, or Irritable Bowel. A friend of mine specialises in MS clients.

In my experience it’s harder to sell solutions for which the client already has an easily obtainable and totally guaranteed cure. Pain killing drugs work for most people most of the time so it may be easy to do, but it’s hard to sell and if you are a full time professional hypno then you need to earn a living.

AVOID niches that cause long term disability or unemployment. Sadly these people can’t pay for your services. However you can keep the Karma going by charging well for those who can pay and doing freebies for those who cannot.

If you’d like to learn a really easy way to help people with Pain, Fears, Phobias then I’d love to teach you Hypnotic Symbolism the 1 thing that many of my students use first because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

Now because of this wonderful age we live in you can now get my Online Video Tutorial which teaches you my Symbolism method in your own time and your own pace: CLICK HERE to go straight there


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