Weight it’s a BIG topic at the moment.

Lots of hypnotists run programmes, have discs and serve that community including the likes of Paul McKenna, Glenn Harold.

There is no doubt that Hypnosis does affect the mindset and can help with weightloss on an emotional level, but giving people something physical they can do and understanding diet, nutrition and exercise will definitely help the hypnosis programme.Watch Jaimie Olivers Ted talk below

Increasingly I have been looking at nutrition and exercise and now know why intense exercise just for 20 minutes every few days is much better than long workouts at burning fat coupled with better nutrition and Hypnosis can work really well. As well as dehypnotising people against all the advertising and the misinformation. Jamie Oliver is right, lack of education and exercise in schools and being pulled from pillar to post about what’s good and what’s bad. Everyone has different views, different tips and different ideas.

A bit like hypnosis really.

Losing weight can be helped with getting the right mindset, but as a hypnotist how good is it that you can also give nutritional and exercise advice that is easy to make habitual.

People are dying out there because of misinformation and because of the crap they are fed every day, not only ingested physically but mentally as well.

Hypnotise the mind to follow the best course and do some real good in the world.


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