I was recently in a discussion about the ethics of testing hypnosis and adding some fun to the process when dealing with change.

I think whether to test and experiment and convince the hypnotee with a stiff arm or by sticking their hand to their head is a question of style more than ethics.

The video example above shows open eyes hypnosis which is easy to do when presenting or just chatting to people.

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Personally I always amuse and entertain my clients and students. Dopamine seems to work very well in assisting change and is ultimately what everyone wants to feel. No matter what they present.

Guess it comes down to whether you approach the person or the symptom. I find that proving the hypnotic state to the client works to assist and reassure. I also find it helps to make that amusing and if it’s amusing to them, then strangely enough it is to me also.

You know every induction is an experiment, and who says that we shouldn’t? Elman and Erickson certainly did, so did all the other innovators. If that experiment brings no satisfaction or ego brushing to the operator then it won’t work anyway. After all the successful experiment, test, suggestion success should be a statement of intent and mine is always to install some happy.

I recently was e-mailed by a guy who attended one of my comedy shows some twenty years ago where he brought a tape of mine -( listen free on Soundcloud) which – or so he says – he has played religiously every Friday evening since – he made copies and now has it on iPod. He said he laughed more then than ever and it was the feel good he got from the laughter and amusement that has helped him to achieve his high status and wonderful life.

And no apologies, that makes me feel good too.

Sometimes laughter is the best way of exciting the mind and its patterns. For me it always is.

I give some more of my ideas around hypnosis, impromptu and formal, on the Impromptu and Stage Hypnosis Masterclass on the Online Academy

Leave a comment below and tell me what You do in impromptu situations
and tell your friends to come here as well, let’s create an Impromptu
Hypnosis resource!

See you soon.
Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist.


  • Ian

    I love Impromptu…. it works to ‘prove’ hypnosis to the individual but also the those watching. The stiff arm with the additional dalek “Exterminate” works well…. in general it is fun to just go with the flow…. earlier this week I ‘helped’ a barmaid forget how to use the till….. and to collect glasses one at a time because they were heavy… .and to… well.. it was a good evening – as Jonathan says.. a lot of fun and resulted in a paying client and a few free pints! What is there not to like!

  • Hi Jonathan . If this is not prof what is. I have become a habitual Hypnotiser, through you courses.

    Its a shame im now too tied up with work, to make it to your resent venues.

    You are the man. Forever grateful to you for my success.

    lots of love and gratitude, Chrissy Rawle

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