Clinical Hypnotherapy – What’s in a name?  But what exactly does this mean? I have always had a problem with the word Clinical so I looked it up.

In the English Oxford dictionary Clinical means:

  • 1) Relating to the observation and treatment of actual patients rather than theoretical or laboratory studies: clinical medicine clinical drug trials
  • 2) Very efficient and without feeling; coldly detached: nothing was left to chance—everything was clinical
  • 2.1(Of a room or building) bare, functional, and clean: the room was white and clinical

Hmm! The treatment of actual patients – Efficient, without Feeling, Coldly detached – Bare, Functional and Clean!

I knew I never liked the word attached to Hypnosis.

On doing some internet research on What is Clinical Hypnotherapy? The only thing I could really understand was that Clinical Hypnosis came about to describe Hypnosis taught to Clinicians. A bit like Stage Hypnosis describes well….. Stage Hypnosis!

According to the definition on the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis

“Clinical hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, perception or
consciousness that is used, by licensed and trained doctors or masters prepared individuals, for treating a psychological or physical problem. It is a highly relaxed state………”

It goes on to suggest that……

“Recent research supports the view that hypnotic communication and
suggestions effectively changes aspects of the persons physiological and
neurological functions.”

The only reason they call themselves Clinical is that they only support the notion that the performance of Hypnosis should ONLY be done by Medical and Psychological Professionals or Clinicians. So they use the term Clinical Hypnosis, makes sense in this context.

In the wider context of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis as it pertains to training Medical or other Professional Clinician’s, is used, I can only assume, to make the Hypnotherapy Training or the Hypnotherapist sound more medically knowledgeable, which in my head is simply duping the public or those that have no idea what the training actually offers.

You don’t have to use this word Clinical to become a successful Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist. Have a look at Zoe Clews & Tim Box  two of the Academy of Hypnotic Arts real success stories

My question and thought processes lead me to ask: Why have people attached a word like Clinical, which has the meaning of words such as Coldly Detached, without Feeling, Bare, Functional and Clean to a Beautiful, Empathetic, Mind Changing process that is Hypnosis?

To work efficiently as a Hypnotist you first need to be able to empathise. You do that down the pub or in the cafe chatting with your friends, so we know most people can do that.

You then need to understand that doing it in a formal setting you have to apply that same empathy and innate knowledge ORGANICALLY to a process of communication, not with the rational mind but with the irrational child, the 9 yr old subconscious within us all.

And I say organically because people are different and to apply a script to one person, which may work brilliantly, may not work at all for someone else and those that aren’t taught, flexibility and creativity will always fall down.

Children love to play and so do you as an adult. What’s wrong with a bit of fun, why does it make it more acceptable if it’s Coldly Detached, Bare and Functional?

Fun is fun, it’s playground stuff, please stop turning this Art of Hypnosis, which is now and hopefully ever will be a Lay person’s Vocation certainly in the UK, into something that is a coldly detached, bare and a functional technical process.

Hypnosis changes your behavioural patterns it is all hypnosis can do. And as the ASCH say it is being recognised that hypnotic communication and suggestion do change a person’s psychological and neurological state, but think about it, so can meeting some good friends in a great atmosphere, just that when you learn Hypnosis you are given the tools to do that deliberately for someone.

Jonathan Chase has always brought the meaning of getting better, being more productive, changing your mind about something into the Fun, jingoistic side of life, and what better way to change your mind than to listen to something over and over that motivates and inspires like a good song with inspiring lyrics.

Years ago Jonathan recorded some brilliant mind altering, reprogramming tracks with a brilliant young composer Benny Henning, who created the music for Jon to put the words to. They called the album ‘Wide Awake Hypnosis‘ 10 brilliant, ‘inspiring’ as one person said, tracks in one album. These are now available as single tracks for free when you Download the HYPNOARTS APP available from the App Store or Google Play

Jane Bregazzi

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