How much is a Hypnotist worth? Lie or stupidity? Saw an advert for Stage Hypnosis training that promises ‘wages’ of “$1,000+ for ONLY 1 hours work”

Underneath that was a testimonial saying, “This is just what you said it would be, I can’t believe it driving home after being given $1,250 for enjoying myself for an hour!”

I contacted the guy who’d written the testimonial and discovered he was genuinely pleased. It was an actual job that he’d spent over three days phoning, sending publicity out for and traveling NEARLY 500 MILES to and from. None of which was counted in his calculation of how much money he had actually earned for how much time.

He hadn’t counted the time he’d taken in training nor the cost, and as for most startups taxes are still this distant thing in the future that may or may not happen, he hopes they don’t of course.

When I am training new stage or remedial hypnotists the prominent business question I get asked is, “How much do I ask  for?”

When you are calculating your fee remember, it isn’t just for an hour. Your work time starts the moment you leave home and your expenses include all of your travel costs, food, accommodation and yes, like it or not your taxes, rent, phones, photos, websites and your training, or at least part of it.

I charge £1,000 per day half day minimum for my hypnosis and business mentoring, plus expenses. So when we work on Skype, I’m at my study or office and my costs are minimal. However if you want to see me at your office or home the charge rises by my cost of getting to you. If you want a Show, that is charged over and above my normal mentoring but will include full sound, stage management and equipment, plus the extra expenses of the insurance and publicity materials.

Does this sound to you like I’m charging myself out of the market? Wrong of course, I am charging myself out of A market that doesn’t really value my time, talent, expertise or the experience I know I can deliver because I am not cutting costs and corners. Rolls Royce do not sell many cars to Skoda owners.

You may or may not know this but  I take on Hypnotist and Business Mentoring clients for 4 x 1 hour Skype calls over a month for as little as £500. That sounds ridiculously cheap until you figure I charge £1,000 a day – half day minimum. I consider a decent working day to be around 8 hours so for 4 hours I get £500.

So how much is a Hypnotist worth?

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