Energy Negative or Positive What! There’s a lot of energy used in Hypnosis and a lot of debate and terminology. Energy transference, energy highs and lows, alpha states, beta states.

In practical terms all thought is produced by energy.

In explanation terms we are a bundle of chemicals held together by energy circuitry.

Believe it or not even the medical profession measures our energy by way of ECGs etc.. If you’ve ever had your heart tested you’ll know that one! Burn oil and it produces this ubiquitous term called energy that drives almost everything man made – well energy drives everything!

Here’s what Jonathan Chase had to say on a recent discussion:

“Personally I don’t see energy as positive or negative, and from what I remember of Mr Craig’s ideas in the original EFT work neither did he, he used the metaphor of an electric car going forward or in reverse, please do correct me if I am wrong.

Actually, as any electrician will tell you there is a circuit or no circuit, a flow or no flow, and it’s the result of the circuit that we classify. All energy in the universe works like that, basically it is energy or it isn’t.

Being human of course we see almost everything as positive or negative. *I* prefer productive and unproductive. But of course that’s just my thinking on the matter.”

Whatever you see it as, or whatever you believe or don’t believe, the Symbolism technique that Jon devised originally with Chinosis (born out of the energy psychology theory) and later used in Hypnosis -(Hypnosis Installed) is a wonderful technique that is particularly effective for changing thought patterns in the subconscious creating a client based technique to give people back control.

Energy Positive or Negative or What - Hypnosis is energy Chinosis Symbolism

There will always be discussions about energy and hypnosis and belief is a powerful thing, but love it or hate it energy exists and will always be there in one form or another. You don’t have to understand anything so long as it works for you. Keep it Simple no need to be blinded by terminology or science.

Surprisingly….simple works, for the 9yr old that our subconscious is and responds to – it loves pictures, symbols, and responds really well to shiny bright objects and wants and desires. The subconscious doesn’t know it needs it… it just wants it.

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