How hypnosis is magic. Everyday, there is a special moment where the subconscious is open to suggestion. This can be considered an altered state. I would not call it a trance. In fact, this moment is an altered state in the same way that a mood is one.

When you are seeking to learn hypnosis, you can create these moments. Or you can just watch for the moments and then take advantage of them when they happen. These magic moments are the time when a suggestion can elicit the type of response that you want. However, if you are just starting to learn hypnosis, remember that the suggestions must be correctly formed.

Sometimes your mind is open to suggestion more than at others. Many people say that hypnosis is a natural state. Your mind enters a dreamlike state while you are being hypnotised. I believe this is definitely true.

Here are some examples often quoted as natural states of hypnosis – day dreaming, losing yourself in a book and driving a route that is very familiar to you. That is not to say that those types of moments are the right ones for hypnosis. The mind is not focused on the suggestion at those moments. In fact, it is simply focused elsewhere.

Just because something looks like hypnosis doesn’t mean that it is. For example, if you talk to someone and they have their eyes closed for several moments, that doesn’t mean they have been hypnotized.

With the Svengali System, I include my concept of hypnotic “Magic Moments”.

What are magic moments?

How Hypnosis is Magic

This is when the mind takes over, and you are not distracted in any way. In fact, in the hypnotic magic moments, you focus and think more clearly. Your clarity of thought is so lucid that it is as though a “second veil” has been lifted. At this moment you are open to direct suggestion or indirect hypnosis. People seeking to learn hypnosis soon find out that this moment is rather powerful.

Another factor that can contribute to hypnosis is being scared or angry. In fact, any event that causes you to be emotional will lead to a magic moment. If you want to persuade someone to make you a sandwich, or whatever it is you want, try suggesting it in one of these emotive moments.

If you are seeking to learn hypnosis, remember to take advantage of magic moments. They will make your hypnosis work more smoothly!

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