Asked an interesting thing the other night.

How do you keep a hypnotised subject hypnotised Jonathan Cjhase the Hypnotist

How do you keep a hypnotised subject hypnotised and up on stage for 20 minutes without losing them or the audience getting bored?

My solution was to bang them under then, during the rest of the set which was basically a gentle routine, tell them to open their eyes, look at them as if checking a roast in the cooker, say, “Nope, not ready yet!” and do this a couple of times.

That way you get to re-induce and intensify their hypnosis and at the same time build audience expectancy for when you use them properly at the climax!

My Brand New course Hypnotic Edge Influence is a step on from the knowledge I gained treading the boards as a Stage Hypnotist and entertainer.

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