Stress & Anxiety is simply our emotional response to certain stimulus:

environment; how suggestible we are (by this I mean – how we respond to what others do or say to us), and how insecure we feel about our circumstances; (fear of losing; maybe not just for yourself but for your family’s status quo).

Anxiety get me out of here the Chinosis Method Jonathan Chase and Jane BregazziHow many men and women go through sheer hell trying to maintain the habits and comfort of those closest to them? I did just this and didn’t even know the stress I was under until I started getting serious physical symptoms that because of my age – then 45 – attributed this to the chemical changes taking place.

Science says that we are a bag of chemicals

and that in some people, when the chemicals change – or go wrong – then if you take a pill that has been designed to affect the chemicals that are producing your problem, you will be cured.

And yes, your symptoms may be alleviated, until you have to stop taking the drug because it’s only designed for the short term or your body stops responding to it and you find that the problem hasn’t gone away just been masked and you have to try something new: this can go on ad nauseum.

The worst thing that can happen, and so often does, is that you go to the doctor and go through endless tests only to be told they can’t find anything wrong with you!

Your Pain is Real

This is the height of embarrassment and often adds to the stress because you now have a pain or an irritation that nobody even has a pill for! How bad is that? Your pain is real and no one is going to suggest to you that it is all in your head! The fact is, it might well be – in your head.

The physical symptoms that arise from our individual emotional responses are real and wide-ranging, from inconvenient through distressing, painful, debilitating and sometimes fatal.

So it would be a good thing to be in touch with, and in control of this emotional imbalance that causes your Anxiety. I would go so far as to say that being in control of your perspective could save your life and will even give you a fuller, more enriching, happier one.

Stress is not hard to manage

– there is no good or bad stress & anxiety – just stress & anxiety.

An orgasm and a panic attack create exactly the same physiological responses. One you enjoy, the other is less welcome.

The reason is your perception – you are not afraid of having an orgasm – in fact most people welcome the enjoyment, but you are afraid of that spider, losing your job, not having enough money, paying your mortgage, failing to succeed.

You project this fear into your daily life; you suggest to yourself all the time that things are difficult; you spend energy, time and effort into all these negative perceptions. All of these cant’s, all of these fearful thoughts create what we describe as stress.   

We have two primary drives

fear and pleasure – sadly it is fear that is the biggest player.

Real pleasure hardly comes into our lives at all. You’re all screaming at me again! “I have lots of enjoyment in my life” you say. “I enjoy drinking, socialising, entertaining, watching films, having a laugh, reading, playing bingo, jumping out of planes with a bit of silk tied to my back, running naked through the woods in the middle of winter and diving into a freezing cold lake!” (Well everyone is different).

Ok so how often do you do these things that give you pleasure?

How much time do you spend feeling happy in relation to feeling fearful?

Let me guess – given there are 24 hrs in a day and that at least 8 of those are spent sleeping that leaves 16 hrs, although in fairness a truly stressed person will often miss sleep by waking up with busy worried thoughts that will not go away.

At some time during most days, most people will spend at least 2-3 hrs doing something they don’t like doing in the way of maintenance, or chores, this leaves 14-13hrs. On an average working day, anyone that works in employment will spend 8-9 hours doing the job this then leaves 6-5 hrs.

If you work in a city you may spend as much as 2-3 hrs a day travelling to and from work, stuck in traffic, or on a cramped train or bus.

We are now down to 3-4 hrs.

Those 3-4 hrs a day may well be spent in fantasy land, drinking, socialising, entertaining, watching films, having a laugh, reading, playing bingo, jumping out of planes with a bit of silk tied to your back, running naked through the woods in the middle of winter and diving into a freezing cold lake!

In reality most of those 3-4 hrs will be spent worrying about your job, your family, your mortgage – what that bloke at work said to you, that stray remark from your husband, lover, partner, wife that you are useless, fat, boring, insensitive, selfish, arrogant and my favourite “women can’t do these things, they have no spatial awareness”. That deliriously passionate word CAN’T.

So let’s get back to the original statement; Real pleasure hardly comes into our lives at all. We live our time mostly in a state of fear and that is why so many seek stress relief.

What can we do about it?
How do we change our perspective?
How do we create more balance so our state of fear is less than or the same as our state of joy?

The answer to this is actually very simple – do something that changes our perspective – do something that changes the habits and thoughts of our lives?

There are lots of ways to reduce stress on a physical level

– that is to spend time relaxing, fully. (I don’t mean take a vacation – I have met a lot of people – who spend most of their holiday in a state of fear, worrying about the job, how much money they are spending, or they go completely overboard and spend it in an alcoholic haze or largely asleep on the beach in which case they have little recollection that they’ve been on holiday at all.)

Some people do Yoga, some Meditate, and some try Massage, Reiki, Self Hypnosis, Mindfulness. All these methods will help you relax and like drugs will alleviate your stress. If you can really achieve the mental state that these methods can help you achieve, then you can alter your self awareness and this in time may bring about real change in your life by helping you to cope with the fear response.

Some prefer or resonate with more active ways such as stress management systems, which are designed to change habitual behaviour by creating new routines and structure to your life. All these ways will help if you do them constantly and if you really want to make changes.

So how can you use Chinosis to balance your emotional patterns?

Chinosis does 2 things.

  1. It works on a physical level using self applied acupressure that unblocks energy, in much the same as yoga, tai chi, and acupuncture do.
  2. It works on a mental level, in much the same way as meditation and self hypnosis by contacting your psyche, your inner mind or subconscious.

However Chinosis achieves relaxation and emotional pattern change, more quickly and more effectively than any other system, simply because it works at a level that you are not consciously aware of.

It works on the same level that gives you the unwanted negative feelings and changes them to more appropriate and accepted levels of behaviour. By working with your bad emotional feelings and changing the energy that surrounds them, by releasing the emotional baggage we all carry around with us, you can change your perspective.

Chinosis uses a very powerful tool – that of your subconscious mind – and never before has a system worked so simply that even an eight year old child can use it effectively to gain emotional awareness. That is how you feel about something and how that translates as an emotional response.

The answer to your stress and unpleasant symptoms is locked away in your mind

– Chinosis allows you to communicate with that part that knows how to illicit change.It might not appear that change has happened straight away – although most people have reported instant change in some way, with some people the feelings might be more subtle because they are less attuned to their energies, but if you learn this simple system and do it regularly even if you think it’s having no effect – it is – and it will help you to focus and create changes for you to live a happier, healthier, more successful life.

Be wise, be open to change, get in touch with yourself and be that miracle.


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