Ever been disappointed with the outcome of a Past Life Regression session – well this is a story of desire, application and resolution.

When I first started out in Hypnosis I had no experience of application and didn’t understand the idea of style, like most who are new to the business.

I’d started the Academy with Jonathan as a sole business under the name of OSIS Training. I was the manager, Jonathan was the Hypnotist, so my intentions were clear, that I was simply a facilitator for learning and not a hypnotist who did hypnosis to others.

However, after a  year of training with Jon I thought I was pretty good at this hypnosis thing and you can’t not put it into practice. Then one day I was discussing with my accountant about having had a past life regression.

Turned out that my accountant had a burning desire to find out whether he had been Rasputin, he didn’t know why, just was fascinated with the whole thing and wanted to find out.

We agreed then that we would barter, he gave me a free accounting year and I would hypnotise him for a past life regression. He was so excited at the prospect, and I was so apprehensive. Although I’d been hypnotised and had my own past life sorted. The reality of which had really sorted for me something that had been with me since childhood.

I arranged to hypnotise him in his office. The scene was set and then……. I tried every induction I knew but every few minutes he just popped his eyes open and said it wasn’t working…… I tried to get him into the corridor with the door at the end, I tried getting him to take 3 backward steps into another dimension…… He saw nothing got nowhere just told me the distant traffic was very loud!

Was I so inexperienced after all the training I’d taken part in?

Or did I just have the wrong intent? Was I trying too hard? Was his expectation too high?

I couldn’t answer any of these questions in truth but didn’t want to give up on him, he was so disappointed.

I decided to try another tack thinking that it was probably more location based so invited him and his wife to my place where I took them through a session of Chinosis, which actually was very successful in relaxation and even hypnosis, because there was no expectation of trance. I was working on the premiss that the symbolism would bring forward the open door into his past life.

It didn’t there and then. It was a few days after that he’d said he’d woken up one morning and literally found himself, (in his hypnogogic state of half sleep) opening a door out of a stone building onto steps leading down onto a snowy landscape… Just that… nothing more, but just that one thing had strengthened his belief that there was something to his feelings and he felt satisfied that his beliefs had been confirmed.

Past Life regression, Psychic Recall Resonance

So the desire of the client was satisfied with the feeling of resolution after I as the facilitator had applied my knowledge, so even though I felt inept, scared almost of impacting another’s life, (or not), it’s always worth remembering that with knowledge comes confidence because you’re always one step ahead of the client, friend or partner.

And learning goes on, if I’d known then Jonathan’s Past Life Recall Resonance technique I wouldn’t have even needed ‘the induction‘ or the lack of Hypnotic Trance to accomplish the result.

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