Learn these essential 5 INs to Hypnosis for your success.

There is always a pattern to how Hypnosis in another person is Induced and Jonathan Chase has reduced this down to 5 constituent parts. This is his skill, he makes things easy and creates simple formulas which if followed will give you the bedrock to successful Hypnotising.

First read his glossary of terms:
INDUCE: 1 succeed in persuading or influencing (someone) to do something. 2 bring about or give rise to – to create.

In Hypnosis the first suggestion given with the specific intent to create the condition of hypnosis in another person.

The process of inducing a sensation or action in a receptive person influencing them to accept an idea, belief, or impulse uncritically and without conscious participation and without giving rise to reflection in the recipient.

The Subconscious. The process of thinking which is creative, emotive, illogical and often childlike in its simplicity. It may be a separate entity or the produce of a functioning cognitive system. Decides and judges from an internalised perception of reality.

The Conscious organised organ used to think with. It is logical and serious and matures with age. Is reality based and critical. Organic computer.

Now join the IN crowd.


FOCUS on a positive result. KILL doubt and resonate confidence.
Use their HYPNOTIST & HYPNOSIS pattern.


Take your subject into hypnosis by SUGGESTING and CREATING an illogical situation.


Test and re-induce to intensify the hypnotee’s experience.


Manipulate an alternative pattern in the Hypnotee’s Mindset.


Terminate the session and give them a hypnotic BUZZ!!

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