A lot is said about Hypnosis and Mind Control…

…brain washing, mental programming, seduction and influence. From certain circles these are of course banned words. Actually they are usually banned ideas.

Some people on hearing or reading them hold to the concept that the person wielding the weapon, sorry tool, is merely a benevolent guide and instructor. Totally incapable of manipulating the target mind – sorry, person being helped.

Hypnosis Mind Control #hypnoartsmedia #svengalisystem The whole concept of the manipulator, sorry the guide, taking responsibility for the outcome of the procedure appears to be totally inconsequential to the hierarchy of this amazing field of psychological thinking. Hypnosis and Mind Control.

The Fact’s

Let’s look at the facts from the point of the Hypnotist. Well let’s look at it from the point of this particular Hypnotist.

The hypnotist decides on the time, place, method and out come of the procedure. They instruct and direct the person being hypnotised.

Sounds to me like the hypnotist is in CONTROL.


The Hypnotist induces a state in which the hypnotee’s internal reality, belief and behaviour is re-routed.

They take what is there and construct a reality and impose that reality, where the respondent is directed in a very significant way at a profoundly emotional level.

Sounds to me like the hypnotist is being MANIPULATIVE.

The Truth

The truth is that Mind Control, seduction and manipulation is exactly what hypnosis is and does.

It is the truth that when controlling another mind the hypnotist can actually create any believable scenario, and in at least 20% of people unbelievable ones.

HYPNOSIS is the art of ultimate persuasion and influence.

Suggestion controls thought, and thought controls action, and action manipulates environment.

For that reason I created the Subconscious Skills (Svengali System) as a 5 week online audio course, on how to use suggestion covertly to influence. To gain advantage. To control. To win in a negotiation. (Now 8 weeks which includes 10hrs of video training)

Providing there is no ill intent or malice attached to that and that the apparent victim is not emotionally or physically injured, then I see no wrong in it.

That doesn’t mean you cannot use it to take something or to cause harm, of course you could. Just as an ambulance can be used to take an injured person to hospital or to ram raid a shop.

We Use These Skills

Of course we use these skills to aid and enhance the clients life, however it is absolutely vital to understand that you are using exactly the same process that creates phobias and anxiety states. You are directly affecting the base neurological patterns that make the person you are influencing do the stuff they are doing.

Not Just Treatment

Far from just treating the symptoms of dis-ease or even the cause, when manipulating the mind you are moulding the terrain that allows the disease to propagate and pester the host. You are using the tools the person uses to observe and perceive themselves and their environment.

Hypnosis and Mind Control -Manipulate the Mind

Manipulate the mental process called Mind and that moves the Brain. From then on the lens that person looks through and the computer it uses to make sense of the observation has been reprogrammed. So for the respondent of the mind manipulation their world has been influenced.

I worry about this massive disregard for responsibility. It’s like giving a kid a loaded gun without telling them it can kill. But if you are taught what it is you are taking on, then care comes with the package.

It’s also important to understand that You are as important, if not more so than the person you’re influencing.

In fact the one person you manipulate and influence above all others is the one reading this essay.

It’s true that very often we forget to control our own mind before that of others, to become our own Svengali.

For me knowing your own mind is as important as setting up the minds of others. A big part of hypnotising is that of preparation, self suggestion, and getting YOUR INTENT CONTROLLED. That can take a lot of work if you do it the hard way.

But if you learn my Subconscious Skills process you won’t have to. 😉 #subconsciousskills #hypnoarts

Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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