Extract from The Chinosis Method  available as a kindle book.
by Jonathan Chase

It would be wonderful…

to believe that we could achieve a system so that we feel nothing, with no scar tissue whatsoever, but that target isn’t possible. Being able to feel appropriately about things is. Now there may be some things in your past that still bring a tear to your eye, so long as that doesn’t colour the way you handle similar situations in your now time then that’s okay. So long as you are not overwhelmed by that sadness then that’s okay – who said it wasn’t?

I tell people that what I do is simply allow them to feel the way they were designed to do. I don’t set targets such as total forgiveness. I’ve never been raped but would expect to feel pretty damn angry at the person who did it, and that is perfectly ‘normal’ and human providing it’s directed at them and no-one else.

We often judge what we do by a consciously based altruistic and religiously led doctrine

which – quite frankly – is ludicrously unobtainable in the real world.

I personally think the therapist perspective of “I know what’s best for  you – it’s this…”, really has to be looked at.

I once spent thirty minutes being harangued at a convention by a hypnotist telling me how I was polluting my body because I smoked. Afterwards I watched him get into his badly serviced diesel engine car and spewing black tar encrusted hydrocarbons everywhere by the ton, drove away.

I for one started smoking at the age of eighteen quite deliberately. When I bought cigarettes I did this deliberately because – amazing I know – I liked the taste, the smell. Cigarettes did comfort me, but they didn’t replace something that’s missing or pandered to some deeper pattern or desire. No more than the car I drive, or the computer I own, or the food I eat or the sex I have. . . I think it’s very easy to get caught up in the intellectualising and looking for core issues thing. In the field of human emotions it’s very easy to see ‘illness’ where there is none.

As I see it we can no more rid ourselves of the memory pattern of a past incident than we can fly.

What we can do is balance the attached energies that we call emotions so that we move towards being able to make a balanced choice on how to react to that incident, instead of just reacting to the attached emotion which is what we normally do.

The fact is that everything is in the eye of the beholder. Now smoking accounts for a lot of deaths each year but….

Aids is killing millions worldwide – conclusion – stop having sex… it’s bad.

Car and automobile accidents account for millions of coffins – conclusion – don’t drive it’s bad.

Hospitals are being inundated with millions suffering from everything from eye strain to carpel tunnel syndrome using computers – conclusion – everyone is doing something harmful – stop it!

Okay so we tap rub or electronically zap all our bad habits. But then we also have to stop going outside into the polluted atmosphere, only open the curtains at night because the ozone holes allow the sun to irradiate you into an isotope, don’t drink the water, watch the TV, eat anything that hasn’t got pure animal crap still clinging to it and have nothing what-so-ever to do with other people because they will upset your energy balance….

But it’s okay if they do because we can show you how to control this imbalance, except of course we can’t because you are living such a healthy life … we will never meet.

Extract from The Chinosis Method  available as a kindle book.

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