Who are the hypnotists in your life? How much do the people in your life influence you? How do they change your psyche?

The only difference between you and a hypnotist is that they know they’re doing it.

If anyone had told me some thirty years ago, when I first discovered hypnosis, that I’d be involved in founding the most forward looking Academy of Hypnotic Arts, I would never have believed them.

That’s why doing this job of developing and facilitating the Academy’s programmes is so rewarding. I’m constantly seeing people of all ages and accomplishments, from all sorts of economic and ethnic backgrounds, developing skills and artistry that they would never have believed they would master, had it been foretold to them.

At the Academy we believe we are offering an exemplary package of training and coaching without peer in its field. So much time is spent planning, developing and testing new methods, or indeed refining older techniques – not everything of age is useless – that we can with some pride state that we offer the very best of learning using the very finest of methodology, opening up this wonderful art to all.

Enhancing creativity and awareness, building self esteem and confidence, installing knowledge and developing talents in lasting and practical ways is, we believe, the mainstay of the learning process rather than acquiring academic acumen. In fact we are also proud that some of our most successful graduates and clients are people who were considered educationally challenged by the established system.



To develop, demystify, promote, train and research the art of hypnosis for the good of society in general and its artisans. The Academy of Hypnotic Arts Limited has been formed for the purpose of providing a base for development through training and providing a service to business and on a personal level in the Art of Hypnosis and allied disciplines.

High Standards

The Academy does not see itself as a presiding body constricting and constraining the use of hypnosis but does hope to promote the highest standards of respect for humanity within the work of those who use its name professionally or by association.


Our programmes are fully accessible to those with different abilities and no one will be rejected by reason of academic, physical or other disabilities alone. We do not discriminate on the grounds of religion, ethnic background or gender.


You are someone who has an interest or a fascination, in the way our emotions and creativity work.

Other than being able to speak clearly and coherently and understand what is being said to you then there is little else in the way of requirements to learn to use hypnosis.

Age is no real impediment, nor is background or social standing. A particular level of academic achievement is not a requirement.

Whether you are looking for a new career or to improve or add to the one you have, to supplement a retirement income, confirm a theory or to find a self employment which can be easily fitted into a hectic family life, becoming a hypnotist or gaining from the hypnotic art is accessible to you now.

Maybe you just need to discover whether everything you thought you knew about the way we work is real or maybe you want to discover things you never imagined possible. Whatever the reason for your learning we are happy to instruct and inform you in the only art which can give you all this and so much more.

Everyone is a hypnotist or has been hypnotised, the difference is that a hypnotist does this deliberately and with understanding and is a perfectly normal human being with no special gifts or particular talents other than understanding.


About Academy Hypnotic Arts founder Jonathan Chase the HypnotistJonathan Chase

Co-Founder: the Academy of Hypnotic Arts.  Developer of Mind STYLE Profiling. Hypnotic Edge Influence #subconsciousskills

In a career spanning nearly four decades Jonathan has often been labelled as both a visionary and something of a maverick. His uniquely simple, dynamic and refreshingly open approach to hypnosis, is both captivating and inspiring and has earned him much praise and publicity. “Britain’s leading hypnotist” Mail on Sunday – “Master Hypnotist” Sunday Times

“Your mind in safe hands” Central television – “Amazing” Beacon Radio “Unbelievable” Piccadilly Radio – “Mind magic” Post – “Simply, the best” Times {Malta}

In 1991 he became the first hypnotist on record to perform a live four hour stage hypnosis show for Beacon Radio, and followed that with a twelve week series of live broadcast past- life regressions. Jon has hypnotised successfully over seventy thousand people, actually the true figure is closer to 200,000 but who would believe that?

He now specialises in training, personal and professional business evolvement and being a leading author, broadcaster and ‘evangelist’ of the art of hypnosis.

Jonathan teaches real hypnosis in the real world for its many uses: remedial, recreational, performance and metaphysical:

“Everyone’s a hypnotist; they just don’t know it.”

About Academy Hypnotic Arts Jane Bregazzi founderJane Bregazzi

B. A. R.Hyp. R.Chi.C. F . AHA Co-Founder: Academy of Hypnotic Arts .

Jane spent her teenage years in art and design, graduating from, what was then, Trent polytechnic with a dip. AD in Photography. Although the degree was in photography much of her learning came from her teacher, the American Landscape Photographer Tom Cooper, who was passionate about Zen philosophy and taught her to see and observe the world and all its beauty.

She became passionate about hypnosis and the mind and what there is to learn, when she met Jonathan Chase who helped her deal with stress that had created an over-active thyroid.

Jane has finally found an outlet for her life’s experiences in running the Academy and working with Jon, bringing her own empathy and abilities to the hypnosis training programmes.

“In all my dealings with people, both in business and in my private relationships, it is the lack of simplicity that creates problems – importance is attached to complexity and it is that very complexity that drives people in circles. I have learnt that in hypnosis that complexity can be stripped away, giving clarity to thought.”

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